102 Mineral Face Clay Powder


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A gentle clay face mask with 102 nourishing minerals.

  • Withdraws toxins and eliminates impurities.
  • Supports the body’s natural ability to repair broken skin.
  • Hydrates and refreshes the skin.
  • Plumps the skin and helps reduce fine lines and blemishes.


Suitable for normal, dry, and sensitive skin types. Caribbean clay is the most gentle among all the types of clays used in skincare. It has a neutral pH and is rich in minerals. Compared to other clays, Caribbean clay does not make your skin dry.


Key ingredients

Organic Coconut Oil: Studies show that coconut oil can improve the moisture content of dry skin and reduce the symptoms of eczema. It can also protect against hair damage.

Organic Red Fucus Seaweed: a herbal remedy in various cultures for centuries. It contains 102 nutrients the body needs for daily function, including high levels of iodine, zinc, calcium, potassium, sulfur, iron, and silica. Apart from regulating skin’s moisture levels, iodine also aids healing of scars and cuts.


How to use

Add 2 tsp of water to 4 tsp of clay.
Mix to a smooth paste.
Apply to damp skin.
Allow to dry.
Leave for 15 minutes.
Rinse with warm water.



Red fucus seaweed, kaolinite, and Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil)


Made in London, England, UK.

Additional information


1 x 120ml


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